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The Egg came first. Hens Proved it.

Eggsmen Beliefs

happier the hens,healthier the eggs.


Sourced from Small Family Farms


My father always wished to own a small-scale business. It all started from that point from around 200 hens to about 10000 hens of until now. Glad to tell you that more than 9000 small families have an enterprise of their own which makes hens, chickens and humans stable and thus happy.


Delicious thus Superior


It’s very evident from the quality of an egg ,the amount of effort and care put in by the flock owner on their birds.Our Eggs are delicious at breakfast, lunch or dinner with superior flavor than ANY regular egg. Regular quality tests (yes we take a lot of snack breaks) make sure that you will get quality, the farmer his right compensation for efforts and the chickens , the best standards of living.


Raised with LOVE not Antibiotics


We always assure that our hens get what they want and it’s as simple as Sun, Food, Water,Clean Coup and Space. We avoid crowding our chickens as a happy chicken lays more eggs.We keep their environment dry and clean the coups (nobody likes laying eggs where there is poop), give them special snacks of flax seeds and other omega 3 rich foods.(We occasionally throw a kid inside to make them use their muscles). A fit chicken needs no antibiotics, a happy bird needs no growth hormones and Nobody needs chemical pesticides.

Great Benefits

My pets make me Breakfast.

  • By ready access to fresh water and diet to maintain full health and vigor.
  • To keep its body functioning and to produce one of these self-contained, nutrient-rich units each day, it’s essential a laying hen receive a balanced diet with adequate levels of protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals.
  • By providing an appropriate environment including shelter and comfortale resting area.
  • A snug, secure, well-built and properly ventilated chicken coop will offer your flock shelter from inclement weather, give your birds a predator-safe spot to roost at night, and discourage the presence of disease-carrying rodents and wild birds.
  • By providing rapid diagnosis and treatment.
  • By providing sufficient space, proper facility and company of the animal's own kind.
  • By ensuring condition and treatment which avoid mental suffering.